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By combining medical interventions, such as medication, with behavioral interventions, such as communication techniques, the effectiveness of both types of treatment is increased and life quality is improved for both the patient and carevprovider.


  • Comprehensive assessment, including medical, psychological, and psychosocial      evaluation for both family members and patients.
  • Diagnosis and medical management.
  • Information about and referral to community health and social services. 
  • Free medications for eligible patients.
  • Diagnosis and treatment of memory changes from causes other than Alzheimer’s.
  • Competency evaluations.
  • Behavioral consultation.
  • Education for families and professionals


Debra Fredericks is a PhD behavior analyst and a clinical nurse specialist.  Her specialty areas are Alzheimer’s Disease and related dementias, caregiver issues, and healthy cognitive aging.  In 1997, with Dr. Charles Bernick, she developed the only comprehensive Alzheimer’s clinic in Northern Nevada, called the “Center for Cognitive Aging.”  Over the years, she has worked with thousands of families and has been recognized for her expertise state-wide.  She has presented at national professional conferences and is published in both books and journals.  She continues to provide training for professionals on all aspects of dementia care.

Dr. Fredericks believes that effective care of chronic conditions such as Alzheimer’s are best treated outside of a strict acute-care based medical model with the patients’ family and friends as active members of the treatment team.

Dr. Fredericks also believes that equal attention and care should be provided to family and friends.  As advocates and/or careproviders, family members are at risk for many health concerns.  Families and friends can make appointments to have their questions answered in a nurturing, respectful, confidential environment.